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Teen Chef Makes Debut at Beverly Hills Restaurant

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He has cooked for more than 120 people at a time, worked in top restaurants across the country, and entertains 12 people at his home monthly for an 18-course meal. These accomplishments may seem like the work of a veteran chef, but this cook is only 14 years old.

Flynn McGarry will be taking his talents to BierBeisl, an Austrian restaurant in Beverly Hills, Calif., on Jan. 30 where he will cook a 12-course meal for 40 people - an event that is already completely sold out and costs $160 a person.

"The chef at BierBeisl is super nice and said, 'Whatever you need, I'll help you cook,'" McGarry said. "It was a natural thing, and it works with the restaurant's schedule and is a lot easier to do it in a restaurant. I am going into this a lot more confident than other dinners. I started working on this [Thursday], running around town getting supplies. It is a week process, which people don't really realize."

McGarry began his cooking career three years ago and said it was something he was instantly drawn too.
"It was to the point that I wanted to do this as much as I could do it. And [it was] after looking at all these cookbooks and going on the Internet and looking at these dishes that I thought, 'I could achieve that one day,'" McGarry said. "I thought, every time I try it, I hope to keep getting better and better. I just fell in love with it."

He said his mother's cooking was another "inspiration" for his desire to cook.
"My mom didn't really like cooking, and when she did cook I didn't really like her food. And I was watching something on the Food Network, and I thought, 'I could do this,'" he said. "And so I went to the bookstore and I looked for the thickest, biggest cookbook. And I found 'The French Laundry' by Thomas Keller. And things were very hard to make and took six-plus hours to cook. So I decided to try something simpler, like salmon and potatoes and it went from there."

The real "I want to be a chef" moment, came when McGarry decided to create his own dishes. He said a year later, when his skills in the kitchen got better, he was able to cook his way through the majority of the cookbook.

"I've always been very creative, and I wanted to create my own dishes, and I didn't know too much about it - but I would do variations from 'French Laundry' and other cookbooks and would cook them for my family," McGarry said. "Then, I started liking the creative part of it, and I started to cook for more people then just my family."

McGarry, along with his mother, Meg McGarry, created Eureka, his supper club pop-up business that hosts monthly dinner parties inside his home. He said he wanted his bedroom to be converted into a kitchen because when he was younger he could not reach the stove. So his family allowed him to build a "test kitchen" out of his bedroom.

"At first, my parents were fine with it, but then they asked, 'Do you want to be sleeping next to a stove?' And I was so in to it, and I was like, 'Yes!'" he said. "It started off as two tables with some gas burners, my desk and my bed. But the problem was that I need more space for more things, so I downsized my bed, got rid of my desk. And I was living in there for like a year, and I would sleep on my bed, pop it up, do my schoolwork at my work space table. It was difficult because I was 13 and pretty much living and sleeping, and then the rest of the time it was a kitchen. And when my sister went to college I moved down to her room. Then we went full out with the kitchen."

His current bedroom - or test kitchen, rather - has all of the necessary equipment needed to serve his large dinner parties. The kitchen includes induction burners and a large convection oven, a 10-foot-long plating area, four stations - one for meat and fish, another for hot appetizers, one for cold appetizers and desserts and the final station for hors d'oeuvres.
McGarry and his family began hosting dinner parties from inside their home, but things quickly became more complicated, he said.

"As the dishes progressed, it started costing more money. I needed more staff and more plates. It started growing too big," McGarry said. "We ended up having to cut the amount of people from 25 to 14, but we get to serve more courses."

McGarry charges $150 for the Eureka pop-up events at his home and $160 a person for the pop-up event at BierBeisl next Wednesday. He said he is not doing it for the money but for the ability to do what he loves.
"What people don't realize is it is $160 including tax and tip for 12 courses," he said. "For all of the events at my house, we haven't made money, but with this event we will make a little money. However, it all goes to new dishes. It is not a moneymaking thing. We lowered the prices and we are doing more food and more expensive ingredients. We are thinking of it as a fun night. That's how all chefs think about it - that we are getting together to enjoy good food, do what we love and have fun."

McGarry gave a small preview of what he will be serving at BierBeisl on Jan. 30. Menu items include sunchoke confit with a smoked sunchoke puree, with yogurt and dehydrated grapefruit, topped with sunflower seeds as an appetizer, and smoked sturgeon with different types of onions, pine vinegar tapioca and rye bread as a main course dish.

Desserts like chocolate with hazelnuts and caramel bonbons will also be served that evening by celebrated pastry chef Josh Graves of Ray's and Stark Bar in Los Angeles.
McGarry's mother said she fully supports her son and, ultimately, it was "not a choice" to allow him to pursue cooking.

"He is progressing so fast and it is super overwhelming, but it is also exciting," she said. "You are always proud of your children's accomplishments. He showed such passion for this that it was an obvious choice to allow him to do what he loves to do."
McGarry said focusing on a passion and coupling that passion with hard work "pays off for anyone in the end." He has worked in several restaurants, mostly for free, around Los Angeles and New York City, along with critically acclaimed chefs like Daniel Humm, executive chef of Eleven Madison Park in New York City.
"It was so good to see a chef who rolls with the punches and is so relaxed," McGarry said. "When you have a restaurant of that caliber, it can be stressful and he is always smiling. It was a great opportunity to learn from him."

For aspiring chefs and even other teens with a dream, McGarry offered a few words of advice.
"Focusing on your passion and hard work definitely pays off in the end," he said. "At the point in your life where you stop caring if you're going to be famous or do well, your dream will come to you. I did something with my talent and people recognized."

McGarry also had some advice for food bloggers who say 2012 is the year the "teenage chef goes away."
"Someone wrote that 2012 was the year the teenage chef went away," he said. "Well, I am here to tell them that that isn't true and I am just getting started."

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Bill Ackman : Orang Miskin Mangsa Syarikat Herbalife

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Sekarang ini tengah hangat isu fund manager dan activist investor Bill Ackman menentang syarikat MLM popular Herbalife (HLF). Ackman berkata yang Herbalife adalah Pyramid Scheme yang tidak dibenarkan di Amerika Syarikat. Antara kata-kata Bill Ackman:
  1. Stok syarikat Herbalife akan jatuh ke “zero”.
  2. Herbalife menjual produk bukan atas motif kesihatan tapi pelaburan kewangan atau pyramid scheme.
  3. Harga jualan tidak berpatutan ikut harga pasaran untuk produk yang sama.
  4. Target keahlian Herbalife adalah golongan-golongan miskin seluruh dunia yang mengharapkan pulangan kewangan.
Nota: Artikel ini hanya sebagai perkongsian berita. Original artikel dan video diambil daripada laman web CNN di sini.
Rujukan : Kevin Zahri


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Saturday, January 19


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SE da beberapa kali makan di Restoren Nasi Minyak House ini samada di waktu tengahari dan petang. Menu yang dihidangkan adalah seperti berada di Majlis Perkahwinan - tidak ada bezanya.

Ciri-ciri Majlis Perkahwinan secara bufet adalah masakan tidak panas dan ibarat telah dimasak sejak awal pagi bagi majlis perkahwinan di tengahari.

Mungkin Restoren Nasi Minyak House boleh meniru restoren nasi Arab yang berdekatan bagaimana mereka menyediakan hidangan yang senantiasa hangat dan beraroma menyelerakan.


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Mungkin bergelar pelawak, semuanya boleh diluahkan asal pendengar lain turut serta ketawa. Tapi lawak yang tak bertempat dan keterlaluan selalunya datang bersama dari isi perut yang memang memendam rasa tidak puas hati.

Kes Patrick Teoh (seorang pelawak yang dah matang dan humaiz) perlu tahu batasan dan rasional - ada perkara bukan mudah dilupakan. Kes beliau yang sensasi dan berbisa perlu ada bahagiannya.

Adakah Yosawaris Chuklom juga terlepas hukuman jika di Malaysia?

Thursday, January 17



Kes bias dan ternyata tidak berakal yang selalu berlaku di kalangan Pakatan Rakyat menjaga ahlinya yang ekstrem dan racis seringkali boleh dipertikaikan kemampuan siapa ketua dan siapa pengikut. Belum reda Kes Kalimah Allah, makin menjadi-jadi pelampau ini. Malah sensiviti melibatkan institusi Raja-Raja Melayu dan Agama Islam seringkali jadi perjudian dan mainan PR. 

Kurang Ajar Bangsa Racis Yang Pendiam Ini Sudah Lama Menunggu Masa, Tetapi Yang Pasti Zaman Tun Mahathir, Manusia-Manusia Kategori Biadap Jenis Ini  Seolah-Olah Menikus Tidak Wujud !...

Merujuk Kepada Blog Mazidul :
" Hairannya belum pula ada kedengaran kumpulan memprotes, berdiri beramai-ramai di hadapan rumah dia samada wakil  UMNO, PAS atau Pakatan Rakyat. (SE Yakin ayat ini ditujukan kepada Melayu Islam, contohnya mempertahankan Dato Ambiga dahulu dan contoh-contoh lain.....)

Kiri kanan dia hentam, pemimpin BN dan PAS, sekali taruk.
Biasalah, orang Islam memang bersikap pemaaf :) terhadap sikap dan kenyataan bangsa lain.

Kalau sesama MELAYU ...

Setakat ini kedengaran bersuara, Presiden Persatuan Seniman, Zed Zaidi dan Ahli Parlimen Rembau, Khairy Jamaluddin."

Sumber Dari Bersama Mazidul